Welcome again, I hope you all are well 🙂

It feels good to start now, as I mentioned in my 1st post, I am starting this blog to talk on different aspects of Life through my point of view and will definitely appreciate your input every time. So here I start.

Birth, it is the most important and initial thing happens in our life. We all take birth and our countdown of living in this world starts. It is one of the most beautiful and magical thing happens in this world, well we all know the science behind the Birth of a child, yet the answer of How does it happen? is still unknown. Although we all are told that it’s the creation and gift of God for which we all are thankful for giving us life to Live. As many times as I see the process of birth it amaze me, it is not something which is in control of a human, it’s something beyond our control.

Well birth is the most crucial stage in everyone’s life, it is the phase from where we start breathing our own and comes to this world of wonders. Everyone, our parents, relatives, friends, doctors, gives their best to have the new born baby as good as they can.And there the baby comes out with wet body and few hairs on head, crying like to convey that he/she has now entered this world and joy spreads in the air.

A Girl or A Boy, we have two amazing creations of God, of course God categorized us in two different creations to continue the process of human beings. Yet he made us both same and gave us equal power to run ourselves, however honestly speaking our world still treats us different. Well I am not here to discuss the ares we are rated different that we all know, I am just wanna ask you all if the God didn’t made difference in creating us than who are we to differentiate them.  A Girl is as good a Boy and a Boy is as good as a Girl if they are treated same. Treat everyone same and love everyone, give them space to live themselves in this free world and let them be free for Liv’ing Lyff.

God made us all the same yet we all different from each other, which makes us all unique. We can be different on basis of our knowledge, skills, expertise, hobbies, thinking and our way of living but we should not differentiate us on color, sex and creation. Since birth is a starting point of our life and we all want our beginning to be the best so as we should. Yet we do not have control over it and sometimes it is not good as dreamed off but personally I believe it doesn’t matter. We must focus on what we can do further, despite of not having good start.

It’s not how you start, but it’s how you finish – Michael Phelps

Summarizing all, I just want to say that Birth is the most beautiful and beginning stage of our life and we should all give our best to have it and yes we all different from each other and are unique & special yet we all are same and we all must be loved and treated equally.

I hope you enjoyed the post fellows, please do share your words on this, it will really help me 🙂

I haven’t planned to write regularly and not sure about the date of the next Part, till then bbye and stay tuned.


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